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Data Sources & Version Numbers

At a Glance

This guide will describe how versioning works with the various data sources we provide through the LiveBy API.

Different Sources

LiveBy provides many different API Sources. Some sources might give you real time Real Estate Market Statistics while others might give you access to add and remove users. For a complete list of data sources, visit our home page.

Different Version Numbers

Each of our data sources is maintained independently. For this reason, each data source has its own version number. The LiveBy API does not have a single version number.

This is why you might see the Real Estate Market Statistics API have one version number, and the Demographics API having another.

When there is a breaking change, the version number for the entire data source the endpoint belongs to will be updated, but only for that data source alone.

When are version updated?

Version numbers will be updated when breaking changes occur. Breaking changes include:

  • a change in the format of the response data for one or more calls
  • a change in the request or response type (i.e. changing an integer to a float)
  • removing any part of the API.

How long will we support previous versions?

We do not have a set policy on how long any version will be supported. We will however support each version for as long as possible and make sure that deprecations are well documented and ample time is given to update your project.