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Getting Started with Real Estate Market Statistics


Welcome to the LiveBy Real Estate Market Statistics API, an advanced data tool designed to empower real estate brokerages in creating insightful marketing materials and informative web pages. This document will guide you through the integration process with LiveBy’s expansive market Market Data API.

Aggregate Market Statistics Data Endpoints

Our API offers access to three critical types of real estate market statistics: sold real estate, active real estate, and listed real estate. Each of these endpoints provides aggregated data, crucial for understanding various market dynamics.

  1. Sold Real Estate (Primary Endpoint): This is the most frequently used endpoint, offering aggregated statistics on sold properties. It's vital for analyzing past market performance and trends in property values within specific areas.
  2. Active Real Estate: Access data on properties currently active in the market. This information is key for understanding the present market landscape and buyer interest.
  3. Added To Market Real Estate: Get aggregated statistics on new properties listed during your specified period. This data helps gauge market momentum and predict future trends.

Utilizing Geographical Boundaries

A standout feature of the LiveBy API is its ability to filter data based on customized geographical boundaries. This allows users to obtain market statistics for precisely defined areas, such as neighborhoods, zip codes, or custom boundaries. This level of customization is invaluable for targeted analysis and marketing.

See Getting Started With The Boundaries API Endpoint for more details.